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Corona virus update: Total cases in India rise to 250

The total coronavirus cases in India crossed about more than 250 on Friday in that 13 new cases were reported from various parts of the counrty in India. India's calculated of COVID-19 cases includes fresh cases from Maharashtra,Punjab,Gujarat,West bengal,,Uttar pradesh and Andhra Pradesh and various parts of country.
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In India cases include 32 forign national and four deaths reported from Delhi,Karnatka, Punjab and maharashtra so far.The total number of coronavirus cases in maharashtra rose to 4. By India reported its fourth casualty of COVID-19 infection on Thursday.Here the total number of coronavirus cases in India's reached to 195 after over 35 new cases are suspected annd its is a highest in single day and emerged from the various part of the country.

At present time, there are total 171 active coronavirus patient in the country, according to data released by family welfare and ministry of health. Here, total cases in India includes 163 Indians and 32 Foreign nationals. India reported its fourth casualty of COVID-19 infection. On thursday one case are confirmed that a 72- a Year old man, who had returned from Germany via Italy,had died in Punjab due to coronavirus infection.

The three other deaths were reported from the government side state includes, Delhi, karnataka, Maharashtra. In Maharashtra cases are elevated upto 48 where as kerala witnessed as many as 28 coronavirus patient. 17 coronavirus cases are recorded in Delhi till date. Karnataka has reported 15 with COVID-19 cases so far. Chandigarh government reported its first case on thursday with a 23 Year old women testing +ve for the novel coronavirus.

There are two coronavirus patient in Andhra pradesh, and the Ladakh has reported 10 coronavirus cases which includes Indian Army Soldiers. Uttarkhand, Odisha and West bengal have confirmed one each. A total of 20 patient has been discharged so far, union ministery of health and family welfare said today. Indian railway suspended concessional booking of all tickets, expects for patients, students and Divyangjan caterogeries.

India is currently now reporting over 270 cases of the new coronavirus disease, known as Covid-19.

Positive cases now rise to 271

A total of 271 individuals have been confirmed positive among suspected COVID-19 cases and contacts of known positive cases, according to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).
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The government as well as medical experts have advised social distancing, and thereby avoiding large gatherings, as one of the major preventive measures.

One more tests positive in Noida, total 5

One more case is  tested positive in a person with  COVID-19 in Noida, taking the number of positive cases to five here, district officials said on Saturday.


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